Apple Kids and Acorn Frolics Linework Pattern Sample Page
Apple Kids and Acorn Frolics Linework Pattern Book Sample Page


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Apple Kids and Acorn Frolics Linework Pattern Book Back Cover
Apple Kids and Acorn Frolics Linework Pattern Book downloadable

Apple Kids & Acorn Frolics 



Product Description

When it comes to Autum Frolics, Annie’s Kids and Squirrels will fill your pantry with plenty of nutty treats, apple pies and fresh cider from the mill! 

You’ll find dozens of whimsical fall themed antics within the pages of this book to keep you busy throughout the Fall season!  The linework pattern designs on the following pages were gathered from Annie’s Apple Pie, Autumn Kids, Apple Cider Kids and Squirrel It Away character collections.  


Simply trace the design and then transfer the image onto your project surface to make outstanding personalized items with professional results every time.

This publication features 40 full size pages of linework images of Annie's themed kid characters as they frolic in the leaves and collect apples from the orchard. You'll also discover dozens of frisky squirrels, a wide variety lots of nutty acorn treats and

baked goods, cider mill motifs and enought apples to keep your pantry stocked with apple pies to see you through the winter.  Designs can be colored with paint, color pencils, inks, markers, chalks, etc.  Publication includes traceable black and white linework designs along with a color sample of each image you can use as a coloring guide. There are extra pages at the back of the book you can use for personal project notes.


Product Details

Published on: 2014-07-21

Original language: English

Binding: Paperback 44 pages



From the Author

How can you use these patterns?

*Decorative painters can use them for wood, glass, wearables, plastic items, canvas, home dec accent items, furniture, walls and any other paintable surface imaginable.

*Papercrafters can use them to create greeting cards, tags, scrapbooking accents, paper piecing projects and more.

*Fabric artisans can use them to make appliques, quilt squares, wearable items, etc.

*Teachers can use them to create fun bulletin boards, classroom novelties, murals, window decorations and teaching materials.

*Cake makers and cookie bakers can use them to make clever wrappers, fondant treats, cookie stamps and other edible delights.

*Designers can use them for artist reference to help spark your own creative inspirations!

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