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Bookworms Know Stuff! 


If you were a Bookworm, just imagine all the things you'd know! 

Find out how much fun books can be and learn how you can be a Bookworm, too.


Product Description

This is Annie Lang's first published children's book title as she introduces her endearing Bookworm characters to a new generation of readers!   The story takes you page by page through the world of books as the characters show the many positive ways we learn about our world by reading.   The colorful and engaging illustrations allow for both readers and listeners to explore, observe and discuss the page content. This is a great publication for "read together" activities which encourages young readers to ask questions and share their "Bookworm" knowledge.  


From the Author

My bookworm characters first appeared over 30 years ago as rough thumbnail sketches on the tattered pages of a spiral bound notebook.   The sketches eventually evolved into the many characters you see today as they made their way from published decorative arts magazine projects to stickers, greeting cards, commercially printed fabric collections and medical apparel, clipart collections, scrapbook novelties, e-book patterns and more. At long last, they have found their way to the place where all good bookworms gather and love shelves! 

It may have taken more than three decades to finally see my "Bookworms Know Stuff" in print, but I'm hoping my characters and words will inspire, encourage and capture yet another generation of avid readers and fellow book lovers.

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