Annie Lang's A Little Elf from Another Shelf Holiday Storybook


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A Little Elf from Another Shelf  

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A Little Elf from Another Shelf 



Here is something you may not know.  There are elves who live where there's no ice and snow!
So what's this story all about?  Read the book and you'll find out!


Product Description

Annie Lang's fun little holiday elf characters take young readers on an unforgettable holiday trip to an amazing place.  

The story begins with elves making ready for Santa in their workshop and readers quickly become engaged in the brightly colored and detailed imagery as the story adventure unfolds.   You'll find this book to be a wonderful publication for "read together" activities as it encourages discussion with each turn of the page.  Annie Lang's fun loving Elf characters have

been around for more than two decades and this is the second holiday storybook publication she has written and

illustrated for young children. 

From the Author

My elf characters have been around as long as I can remember.  They made their first commercial appearance on the shelves of my Annie Things Possible handcrafts store in the 1980's as handpainted ornaments, holiday crafts, sculpted figurines and 24" dolls.  In 1995, "Elves From My Shelves" was published by Eas'l Publications as a how-to decorative painting instructional project book, followed a year later by "Elves Just Bein' Themselves".  The characters grew in popularity and eventually made their way from published decorative arts magazine and book projects to stickers, greeting cards, commercially printed fabric collections and medical apparel, clipart collections, scrapbook novelties, resin figurines, e-book patterns and more.  The Elves from My Shelves characters have evolved over the years, but they've never lost their childish antics, happy smiles and holiday enthusiasm.  Not to be confused with the commercially popular "Elf on the Shelf" story published in 2004 by Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda Bell, Annie's elf characters will always be endearing little characters who's only purpose over the years has been to share the joys, adventures and magic of the holiday season...whether it be through the creative arts or on the pages of a storybook.  Enjoy! 

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