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My Grandmas, My Mom and Me!  

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My Grandmas, My Mom and Me! 



What could four generations of girls possibly have to chat about on their "Girl's Day In?"  

You just might be surprised at how much they have in common!


Product Description

This story begins with a child character whose mom takes her to visit her grandmas for a "Girl's Day In".  She asks the questions and everyone responds as they chat the day away.  Group questions about the cars they drove, daily chores, schools they attended, communicating with friends and the fun activities they enjoyed and more are addressed and answered throughout the book.  This 32 page publication is brightly and accurately illustrated with everything from generational appliances to electronic devices and daily living necessities a child may be curious about.  Whether you are a classroom instructor teaching recent history to young students, a great-grandma who doesn't understand what a smartphone is used for, a grandma who appreciates streamed movies in lieu of watching shows on a black and white tv or a mom who will never experience washing laundry with a wringer washer, this publication reminds us all of how quickly our world changes.  

From the Author

Written and illustrated by Annie Lang, "My Grandmas, My Mom and Me!" was inspired by the many family chats and stories shared over the years.  Despite the differences in age and the times we grow up in, learning from the past enriches our future with each new generation. Whether you are a great-grandma, grandma, mom, child or teacher, this is a great publication to spark some memorable conversations about the amazing times we live in. 

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