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Now That's Just SILLY! 



There’s something silly going on.  What do you think it might be?  

Read the story and then you will see!


Product Description

Annie Lang's whimsically funny story is filled with silly antics and rhymes from head to toe!  Young readers will surely giggle as the character finds something silly happening with every part of his furry body.  The bright, cheery and nonsensical illustrations are both engaging and humorous to make learning fun and imaginative.  You'll find this book to be a wonderful publication for "read together" and learning activities as it encourages discussion with each turn of the page.  This is Annie Lang's third published children's book title and the first time her awesome monster character has been introduced in a published storybook tale.  

From the Author

The main character of this story was originally created as part of a themed collection of character art in the mid 1990's.  Originally named "Mr. Peeps", the character had a curly tail and mitten hands.  The character later evolved with larger eyes, no tail and had fingers and toes so he could be more animated and posed.   The original "Mr. Peeps" and his friends found their way onto stickers, commercially printed fabric collections,  medical scrub apparel, clipart collections, machine embroidery memory cards, linework  pattern books and scrapbook paper novelties.  It's an absolute delight to now see the new "Mr. Peeps" character take his place on the pages of a published storybook where he can inspire giggles and smiles for years to come!

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"Now That's Just Silly!"