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  • Annie Lang's Children's Storybooks at Annie Langs Books

    Written and Illustrated by Annie Lang Book publications for anyone who is young at heart! My Grandma Uses Power Tools Never underestimate the power of Grandma ...especially if she uses power tools! Look Before You Leap, Froggy! Where did Soggy the Froggy go? What does Soaker the Croaker know? What is all the splashing about? Read this story and you will find out! Guess What I Heard Today Something is amiss in the garden! Read this fun little story to see just how mixed up a little friendly chatter can get. Written and illustrated by Annie Lang My Grandma, My Mom and Me! Annie Lang's "My Grandmas, My Mom and Me!" children's book Bookworms Know Stuff! by Annie Lang Bookworms Know Stuff Children's Book Written and Illustrated by Annie Lang Annie Lang's Now That's Just Silly! Now That's Just SILLY Children's Storybook written and illustrated by Annie Lang Something Weird is Going On Here Annie Lang's Something Weird is Going On Here children's Story Book Super Silly Alphabet Annie Lang's A Super Silly Alphabet children's book I Found It So I'll Keep It! I Found It So I'll Keep It! children's storybook by Annie Lang A Little Elf Upon A Shelf A Little Elf Upon a Shelf's a whimsical Holiday Story written and Illustrated by Annie Lang! A Little Elf from Another Shelf Annie Lang's Elf Characters Holiday Story Book KINDLE editions only $2.99 or less!

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  • About Author/Illustrator Annie Lang owner of Annie Langs Books

    About the Author/Illustrator Annie Lang CONTACT ANNIE! TERMS of USE POLICY Annie Lang is a self-taught award winning designer/author who published 29 decorative arts how-to instructional books with Easl Publications from 1995-2003. Her many licensed characters and project designs have appeared in a wide variety of painting and craft magazines and have been used on numerous commercially manufactured products and fabrics as well. She continues to actively support the Creative Arts Community which has played a key role in her home based business, Annie Things Possible since 1986. Annie’s whimsical characters and creative designs, which include everything from buglets to elves to smiling flowers and bookworms, have found their way into the international commercial marketplace and into the hearts of arts and crafts lovers and children worldwide. ​ In recent years, Annie is has turned to independent publishing ventures which include trace and transfer Line Art Pattern books and illustrated Children's Books based on her whimsical character art. Her growing list of independently published work in both paperback and e-book editions can be found through KDP and a variety of online bookstores while .pdf editions of pattern and craft activities publications can only be downloaded from her Annie Lang's Books website. Annie is also actively offers her licensed designs for her branded online merchandise collections, greeting cards, fabrics and wallpapers. ​ Annie Lang currently resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan, very near the community where both she and her husband, grew up. Her family, and especially her granddaughters, continue to provide her with limitless support, inspiration, and humor, which has always been reflected in her work.

  • Annie Langs Books Line Art Pattern Publications

    Annie's Themed Line Art Pattern Books ...because you can make Annie Things Possible! Available in Paperback and Printable .pdf Editions! Gnome Grown Gnomes Annie Lang's Gnome Grown Gnomes Line Art Pattern Book Spring Frolics Patterns Annie Lang's Spring Frolics Line Art Pattern Book Backyard Bird Season Patterns Annie Lang's Backyard Bird Season Line Art Book Fairy Garden Patterns Annie Lang's Fairy Garden Gathering Line Art Pattern Book Garden Flower Bloomers Patterns Annie Lang's Garden Line Art Pattern Book Lots and Lots of Teapots Busybody Kids Patterns Annie Lang's Artists, Housekeepers and Construction Kids character Line Art Pattern Book Who Loves Bugs Patterns Annie Lang's Bugs Line Art Pattern Book Kitty Cats, Pups and Bunnies Annie Lang's Cats, Dogs and Bunny character Line Art Pattern Book It's Time to Say Goodnight Annie Lang's Bedtime themed character line art patterns Bees, Hugs and Ladybugs Patterns Annie Lang's Bees and Bugs Line Art Pattern Book Pampered in Style Patterns Annie Lang's Pampered in Style Line Art Pattern Book Bookworm Club Patterns Annie Lang's Bookworm themed character Line Art Pattern Book Out of this World Patterns Annie Lang's monsters, space racers and spacebots Line Art Pattern Book Kids Just Wanna Have Fun Annie Lang's Camping, Fishing and Sleepover Kids character Line Art Pattern Book It's Baby Season Patterns Annie Lang's Baby Season Line Art Pattern Book Farm Folks and Cowboys Patterns Annie Lang's Farm Folks & Cowboys Line Art Pattern Book Going Places Patterns Annie Lang's Going Places Line Art Pattern Book Safari Animals Jamboree Patterns Annie Lang's Safari Themed Line Art Pattern Book Make Believe Adventures Patterns Annie Lang's "Make Believe Adventures" Line Art Pattern Book Timeless Treasures Patterns Annie Lang's Timeless Treasures Line Art Book Imagine That Patterns Annie Lang's Imagine That! Line Art Pattern Book Hearts and Smiles Patterns Sharing Hearts & Loving Smiles Line Art Patterns Garden Tea Patterns by Annie Lang Annie Lang's Let's Have Garden Tea Line Art Pattern Book Welcoming Homes Annie Lang's homes, Line Art Pattern Book Make a Splash Patterns Annie Lang's Make a Splash Line Art Pattern Book Homemade With Love Patterns Annie Lang's Homemade themed Line Art Pattern Book Partytime Patterns Annie Lang's Partytime! Line Art Pattern Book Big Top Birthday Carousel Patterns Annie Lang's Big Top Birthday Carousel Line Art Pattern Book Proudly Patriotic Patterns Annie Lang's Proudly Patriotic Line Art Pattern Book BBQ Picnic Days Patterns Annie Lang's BBQ Picnic Days Line Art Pattern Book Flamingo Friends Patterns Annie Lang's Spring Frolics Line Art Pattern Book Sunny Paradise Patterns Annie Lang's Sunny Paradise Line Art Pattern Book Summer Vacationing Kids Patterns Annie Lang's Summer Vacationing Kids character Line Art Pattern Book School Bells are Ringing Patterns Annie Lang's school themed Line Art Pattern Book Apple Kids and Acorn Patterns Annie's Busy Autumn Kid characters and Apple designs Line Art Pattern Book Scarecrows in the Pumpkin Patch Annie Lang's scarecrows, sunflowers and pumpkins Line Art Pattern Book Boo Crew Halloween Patterns Annie Lang's Boo Crew Linework Pattern Workbook character art e-book Halloween Masquerade Patterns Annie Lang's Halloween Masquerade Line Art Pattern Book Jolly Jack Moon Patterns Annie Lang's Jolly Jack Moon Line Art Pattern Book Thankful Bounty Patterns Annie Lang's Thankful Bounty Line Art Pattern Book Christmas Jingles & Santa Kringles Annie's Bells and Santa Character line art patterns Christmas House Mouse Book Workshop Elves Off the Shelves Annie Lang's Workshop Elves are off the Shelves! Line Art Pattern Book Snow Bears and Moppets Patterns Annie Lang's Snow Bears and Moppet Dolls Holiday Line Art Pattern Book Little Christmas Joys Patterns Annie Lang's Little Christmas Joys Holiday Line Art Pattern Book Christmas Wishes Patterns Annie Lang's Christmas Wishes Holiday Line Art Pattern Book Gingerbread and Java Patterns Annie Lang's Gingerbread 'n Java Line Art Pattern Book Winter Chills Patterns Annie Lang's Winter Chills Line Art Pattern Book It's Snow Time Patterns Annie Lang's Snow Time! Line Art Pattern Book Show Me More

  • Annie Langs Books Papercraft Activity Publications

    Annie Lang's Activity Publications Let's See What You Can Do ... CLICK HERE and find out! All Activity Publications shown are available in printable .pdf downloadable format only and available to order directly from Annie Lang Seed Pack Envelopes Activity Book Ladybug Party Craft Activity Kit Paper Clip Seasons Book Annie Lang's Ready To Craft Seasonal Themed Paper Clip character cutouts book for your creative DIY projects. Craft a Pocket Card! Annie Lang's Pocket Card Papercraft Activity Book for creative DIY cardmaking projects! Paper Clip Babies Book Annie Lang's Ready To Craft Themed Baby Character Paper Clip cutouts book for your creative DIY projects. Paper Clip Kids Book Annie Lang's Ready To Craft Themed Paper Clip Kids Character cutouts book for your creative DIY projects. Scratch Off Simply Pretty Craft A Greeting Card NOW! Annie Lang's Greeting Card Papercraft Activity Book for creative cardmaking DIY projects! Monster Party Craft Activity Kit Hollywood Party Craft Kit Halloween Maskerade Party PDF Halloween Maskerade Party art featuring Photo Booth Party Props and Decorations Activity Book by Annie Lang. Print it with Heart Medieval Party Decorations Go Medieval with ready to use themed party images, decorations and signage in this project book by Annie Lang Paper Clip Halloween Book Annie Lang's Ready To Craft Halloween paper Clip character cutouts book by Annie Lang for your creative DIY Halloween Projects. Paper Clip Autumn Book Annie Lang's Ready To Craft Seasonal Paper Clip character cutouts book for your creative DIY Projects. Paper Clip Christmas Book Annie Lang's Ready To Craft Christmas themed Paper Clip character cutouts book for your creative DIY holiday Projects. Give Love Craft Activity Kit 36 Gift Card Holder Pockets PDF CRAFT Erase Board Cover Craft 20 designer dry erase board image art featuring Annie Lang's art for creative DIY projects! Happy Kids Craft & Color Full page color and line art designs for your creative DIY projects featuring Annie Lang's Happy Kids! Show Me More

  • A Little Elf from Another Shelf

    Paperback Kindle E-Book A Little Elf from Another Shelf Watch the trailer video NOW! WATCH AND READ IT TOGETHER NOW on Annie's YouTube Channel! A Little Elf from Another Shelf WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY ANNIE LANG Here is something you may not know. There are elves who live where there's no ice and snow! So what's this story all about? Read the book and you'll find out! Product Description Annie Lang's fun little holiday elf characters take young readers on an unforgettable holiday trip to an amazing place. The story begins with elves making ready for Santa in their workshop and readers quickly become engaged in the brightly colored and detailed imagery as the story adventure unfolds. You'll find this book to be a wonderful publication for "read together" activities as it encourages discussion with each turn of the page. Annie Lang's fun loving Elf characters have been around for more than two decades and this is the second holiday storybook publication she has written and illustrated for young children. ​ From the Author My elf characters have been around as long as I can remember. They made their first commercial appearance on the shelves of my Annie Things Possible handcrafts store in the 1980's as handpainted ornaments, holiday crafts, sculpted figurines and 24" dolls. In 1995, "Elves From My Shelves" was published by Eas'l Publications as a how-to decorative painting instructional project book, followed a year later by "Elves Just Bein' Themselves". The characters grew in popularity and eventually made their way from published decorative arts magazine and book projects to stickers, greeting cards, commercially printed fabric collections and medical apparel, clipart collections, scrapbook novelties, resin figurines, e-book patterns and more. The Elves from My Shelves characters have evolved over the years, but they've never lost their childish antics, happy smiles and holiday enthusiasm. Not to be confused with the commercially popular "Elf on the Shelf" story published in 2004 by Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda Bell , Annie's elf characters will always be endearing little characters who's only purpose over the years has been to share the joys, adventures and magic of the holiday season...whether it be through the creative arts or on the pages of a storybook. Enjoy! Related Items That May Interest You! Little Elf Upon a Shelf Workshop-Elves-Wkbk-Cover-Opt Paperclip Christmas PDF Cover Web 1/1

  • Annie Lang's contact info

    Need to contact Annie? Annie Things Possible 5301 Olde Shawboro Road Grand Blanc, MI 48439 Home Website: Name * Email * Subject * Message Your details were sent successfully! Send

  • Pampered in Style Book by Annie Lang

    PAPERBACK Downloadable .PDF BUY NOW! Pampered in Style LINE ART PATTERN WORKBOOK Product Description Let’s get pretty from head to toe! Whether it’s a day of pampering at the spa, a new “do” at the salon or a good soak in the tub, you’ll find dozens of mix and match health, beauty and good grooming themed designs created just for you from Annie’s Gettin’ Pretty, Just My Style and Pampered collection of images. Simply trace the design and then transfer the image onto your project surface to make outstanding personalized items with professional results every time. This publication includes mix and match designs of characters in the beauty salon, hair care tools, cosmetics, spa, bath images, cosmetics, makeup and vanity supplies, related wordart images and pet grooming character images. Designs can be colored with paint, color pencils, inks, markers, chalks, etc. There are extra pages at the back of the book you can use for personal project notes. Product Details Published on: 2016-3-23 Original language: English Binding: Paperback 40 pages Dimensions: .11" h x 8.50" w x 11.02" Full Color Crafts/Hobbies/Painting/Scrapbooking/Papercrafts From the Author How can you use these patterns? *Decorative painters can use them for wood, glass, wearables, plastic items, canvas, home dec accent items, furniture, walls and any other paintable surface imaginable. *Papercrafters can use them to create greeting cards, tags, scrapbooking accents, paper piecing projects and more. *Fabric artisans can use them to make appliques, quilt squares, wearable items, etc. *Teachers can use them to create fun bulletin boards, classroom novelties, murals, window decorations and teaching materials. *Cake makers and cookie bakers can use them to make clever wrappers, fondant treats, cookie stamps and other edible delights. *Designers can use them for artist reference to help spark your own creative inspirations! Related Products You May Also Like Lang Pampered Prints Glim Glam Photocard 1389318 cheerfully charming me 1389280 1/1